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  • Essay on Choreography

    The art and process of choreography, as with any of the art forms – musical composition, painting, sculpture, etc. – is as diverse as the piece being created. The formal definition of choreography is “the art of mapping or describing a region as distinct.” This is a definition brought to its most simplistic level, especially […]

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  • The Audition Process

    Throughout my professional career as a performer, dancer, singer and actor, I have consistently been asked one question from younger performers: “Should I pursue a professional theatrical career?” My response has always been the same. If you have to ask, the answer is probably “no.” Any theatrical career carries with it a very different lifestyle, […]

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  • Brats and Bricks

    A woman plans to visit Milwaukee because of bratwurst and a brick. For many years, Jane Frances Cryan has lived in San Francisco, which, we all know, has its charm earthquakes, a so-called golden bridge that isn’t golden, and a fisherman’s wharf where entrepreneurs troll for tourists. However, San Francisco fails miserably in the most […]

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