Pop’s Theatre

Tommy Richards, early TV 12, Milwaukee, WI

“Richards appeared as an old theater usher named “Pops”, who worked at the fictional Bee-Jou (Bijou) Theater. With a studio audience full of cub scouts and brownies, Pops told tasteless jokes, talked about his wife Effie, and introduced the showing of old Three Stooges shorts by shouting “Roll ‘Em, Lester” as the movie was about to begin.”  www.toontracker.com/milwaukee/pops.htm
Jay Saeger popped in the door. Jay said that you had Pops Theater, TV 12. That hit a memory track. Bob Raasch, stage hand, Vegas, stopped for breakfast. He said that you played the Sahara, a wild and crazy guy. How do keep some one in line who is famous?