Noise Fest

Noise, the subversive anti-music genre, has been growing for the past few years. Finding its roots in the Neo-Futurist movement of the early 1900s and growing into its modern form during the mid 70’s, the genre focuses on an aleotoric sensibility and a general disregard for the most basic artistic precedents to create audio works of art. Noise utilizes broken instruments, tampered electronics, and any other object which can create sound to build these otherworldly soundscapes. Ranging from the most soothing ambiance to ear splitting feedback and distortion, noise takes on many forms. The genre can be broken down even further, including such sub-genres as harsh noise, militant wall, power electronics, drone, musique concrete, glitch and dark ambient, all of which embrace the basic tenants of noise but provide a different spin on the original formula.

The Milwaukee Noise Fest celebrates this art form by inviting “noisicians” from around the city, state, and country to perform, giving the performers a welcoming stage with like minded enthusiasts as an audience. The main goal of the fest is to build a local scene, focusing on spreading the word about the ever growing subculture while allowing upcoming talents to cut their chops for a live audience. Everyone from the most experienced out of town acts to first timers are welcome on the stage, as long as its noisy.