Where did she come form – Dallas, Texas. Started singing on picnic tables at six. Now we can’t get her off. Her mom sang melodies to put her to sleep. Later that inspired original songs. Katie was inspired by the folk music that her mother would play in front of the fire. Miss Katie has been writing original compositions since she was 13, recording since 16 and playing out in bands such as Death Rattle Orchestra, and The Receivers (her rock’n’roll bands) around the Milwaukee and Chicago area.

Miss Katie will be wearing a turquoise dress cut all down to there. Make sure that you’ve got your nitroglycine ready when the show starts – bluesy sonic musings and an explosion of sultry soul. Hear some of Leadbelly’s music come to life. Hupp brings on board a deep abiding love for Southernspirituals of the 19th & 20th century, blues and jazz of the 30s & 40s inspiring an hour concert of redemption and despair. “Come praise the Lord and bask in the bondage. Bless, your hearts” Hupp. July, 2006 Concert. 1 Show 2 pm