A quirky, magical, adult world as seen through

the eyes of a child, full of music and stars


Donna Sellinger, Madeline ffitch, Sarah Lowry

The play takes place on Detective Agency Row—home to the gallant Busy Mapleswap (private eye) and twenty paces across the way, the villainous and axe-wielding Haricot Ellicot (also private eye). As the play opens, the fall of Morse code is imminent. The telephone girls are long gone, and Haricot Ellicot’s side project—the community boxing ring—has spiraled out of control. As kitten is pitted against parakeet in what promises to be the match of the century, the community of
Detective Agency Row is forced to answer the question: will anyone attend
Busy Mapleswap’s annual kaleidoscope convention?

The Most Mysterious Day of the Year

DATE:  THURSDAY, JAN 17 TH     -      TIME:  8  PM      -      TICKETS:  $5.00

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This play was cancelled because of death in family.